First Android TV Launches in Europe

Paul Lilly

A Swedish company called People of Lava came out ahead in the race to deliver the world's first fully interactive Internet TV in Europe. The "Scandinavia," as it's being called, boasts a Full-HD LED displays and runs on Google's Android platform.

"Think of it as a device that provides all the functionality that you would expect from an Android smartphone, combined with the quality and definition you demand of a high-end Full-HD LED TV set," says Christian Svantesson , co-founder and CEO of People of Lava.

The multifunctional TV set will include a variety of Android TV apps, including YouTube, Google Maps, Weather, Time, Calendar, and Internet Browser. Users will also be able to send and receive email, browse to social networking sites, and download additional apps from an upcoming app store

A 42-inch version of the Scandinavia will be available in September, with 47-inch and 55-inch models to follow.

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