First 512GB SSD Hits Retailers Care of Super Talent

Maximum PC Staff

While several companies have announced 512GB SSDs, Super Talent is living up to their name and shipping out the first of their massive SSDs starting today.

Super Talent is now offering a new series of MasterDrive RX SSDs, three of the models featuring Multi-Level Cell (MLC) chips, and two models with faster, and more reliable Single-Level Cell (SLC) chips. The one we’re worried about (the 512GB) comes with the MLC chips, and sports a sequential read speed of 230 MB/sec and a sequential write speed of 160MB/sec.

If you’ve got some money to spend on storage, you can pick up one of these drives now for a cool $1,500 ! Just be ready to explain to your wife why you sold her car.

Image Credit: Super Talent

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