Firmware Update Bricks Some WD TV Live Boxes

Maximum PC Staff

Not only do you have to protect yourself from any number of nefarious online threats, you also have to watch your back as well. You never know when a friend may be readying to ‘accidentally’ plunge in a knife.

Such is the sad fate for some of Western Digital’s WD TV Live boxes . Seems a firmware update for the device, V1.102.12, has ‘bricked’ some units --leaving only a blank screen for frustrated owners to view. Western Digital is aware of the problem and has pulled the update from its web site.

Western Digital claims that only a small percentage of WD Box Live users have been affected. Those with incapacitated units are advised to contact Western Digital’s customer service. (Affected commenters at Engadget suggest taking the unit to Best Buy and making an exchange rather than hassle with an RMA.)

Image Credit: Western Digital

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