Firefox 29 Enters Beta with Chrome-esque ‘Australis’ Redesign



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Don't kill Firefox Sync!!! Ah, crap. I loved how only I had the key to my encrypted info. The new scheme is just like google having access to everything in my browser from their servers.

Now, if only they made the Adblock Plus plug-in for Chrome, I would have no reason to use the slower Firefox. Wait...



Firefox never had good ideas. They stole from netscape and IE, now chrome. Firefox screwed up the inet, not made it better



Australis blows, makes the tabs ugly and take up way too much space with all the useless padding. If it gets crammed into Waterfox I'll switch to Pale Moon where the dev has said he's not going to build in Australis.

I've tried Classic Theme Restorer and it's not a very clean solution. I want one-click reversion not 50 check boxes and pulldown menus.



Curved tabs in a primarily squared shaped Windows OS just looks weird... I hope there will be a dark version of the theme restorer.



Curved, square, octagonal... who cares. It's a very big Internet out there. Right now, I have about 200 tabs open in Firefox, in 7 groups. One row of cute little tabs across the top just doesn't cut it, unless you surf like my 95-year-old mom.

What I'd like is a whole new metaphor, that gives me some leverage in managing information overload. For example, I'd like to be able to 'collapse' related tabs, outliner-style. I'd like Groups to be more convenient, and less buggy. (I do use the TabGroupsMenu add-on, which helps a lot.) I'd like more and better tools for managing Bookmarks. I'd like browser developers to stop dicking around with the traditional menu-bar interface, until such time as they actually invent something massively better.

In short, please stop farting around with the cosmetics, and give some serious thought to how browsing really works. Rounding off the corners on tabs, or moving the tabs to the top, or bouncing the Bookmarks button from left to right and back again, is not helping me get my work done. All it's doing is discouraging me from upgrading Firefox.



I'm just a tad crazy when it comes to mismatched themes. They would look nice with Windows XP, everything there was curvy. Windows 8 is square. I know I know, first world problems. :/



>What I'd like is a whole new metaphor, that gives me some leverage in managing information overload.

Why do you have 200 tabs open in the first place? Even when I'm on the prowl for some information, it's either relevant or it's not, and most of the time it's not so it gets axed.



> Why do you have 200 tabs open in the first place?

Because I'm a journalist and information is my business. I typically work on a half-dozen projects at any given time, each of which might need 20 or 100 reference pages. I might refer to those pages intermittently for a period of weeks, maybe months. I also track a various news sources, follow links; some eventually expand into project ideas.

Is this so unusual? Isn't this kind of what computers are *for*??

Whether you're putting together a business report, writing a proposal, planning a community event... you need to find information, refer to it quickly, transfer chunks of it into your working documents. And, most importantly, be able to find the information *again* much later on, when someone asks a question you hadn't anticipated.

Something like the 'semantic web' may cut the clutter a bit, but regardless, information workers need better tools. The last new one I can think of was tabbed browsing. But now, developers seems to think that 5 tabs is all anyone could want, neatly arranged at the top of the window. That's fine for casual surfing, but even a high-school essay will need more.



Yeah I agree with homefire3, the Nightly interface has been very streamlined. I do like it. Which is surprising because like some others, I'm not thrilled with Chrome's interface either.

I do love the drag and drop configuration system, I'm surprised they're not playing that up more. Hope it's not buggy though, sounds like something that would be. I also hope there's a "lock (and/or "save") this layout" function.

I can see why people like syncing, but until there's a function where you can choose to NOT sync certain links, I have no interest in it. There are some links which I do not want on anything but my home computer.



I've got some vague memory that way back around Firefox 4 Mozilla put out some giant document on the future of web browser UI. Heaps of pics and samples.

I think the reason it's tickling my brain is because I've got some vague memory that when Chrome appeared it looked surprisingly like firefoxes mock ups.

Anyone remember that? It's going to bug me all day till I can get to a real computer and look it up.

Not that it really matters. I'm probably misremembering it. It feels like it was a long time ago. Plus I've never had an issue with browsers pinching what works when it comes to interfaces. I like the new look.



old news. I run Firefox Nightly and the Australis UI has been there since months ago.



The only thing I don't like about Chrome despite it is a great browser is its interface. If FireFox doesn't allow customization to the old interface I won't be upgrading, and I would look for something else like Opera.



Classic Theme Restorer. Works great.




Except the only supported Opera also uses a very similar UI. So have fun with your search.