Firefox VP Sides With Apple: Flash has to Go

Maximum PC Staff

Apple has made its war against Adobe Flash a very public affair, but a new heavyweight has arrived to pitch in their support for the cause. Mozilla’s VP of products Jay Sullivan told Fast Company in a recent interview that flash was “plug-in prison”, and felt strongly that emerging standard such as HTML5 should be used whenever possible to help speed up its demise.

When asked directly if he felt Flash was going away he responded, “I think so in the long run.”

"A lot of it has to do with HTML5. With Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9, and Chrome, to the extent that we provide functionality in enough browsers, then the developers will switch over to HTML5, especially in mobile, where you can't have Flash popping up on every page just to do some little animation. The idea that you'd have to embed an entire instance of the Flash player just to play a 30 second audio clip? It's crazy."

Sullivan went on to admit that Flash causes more crashes on Firefox than any other plug-in, and that significant development resources are being used to build in protection against plug-in’s like this that can potentially bring down all your open tabs. "God forbid Flash were to crash," Sullivan says with a smile, before explaining how Mozilla now isolates such errors.

Anyone care to level a prediction as to what year we will finally be rid of flash?

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