Firefox Update Fixes Stability Issue


Mozilla was quick to release a couple of new versions of Firefox -- version 3.6.10 and version 3.5.15 -- just one day after turning off update notfications to address a bug that was causing headaches for some people.

The bug, which seemingly popped out of nowhere, caused the browser to crash during launch. It wasn't something that was detected in pre-release versions.

"Interesting that this doesn't show up in the top 300 crashes in 3.6.9pre or 3.5.12pre," Christian Legnitto, Firefox release manager, said in a bug comment .

Later on, Legnitto said that even though this caused a spike in the number of Firefox crashes, it was still a "drop in the bucket vs. active daily users." Nevertheless, "because it is a crash on start-up that could prevent people from using Fireofx entirely, we feel it was best to get a fix out quickly."

You can grab the latest version here (3.6.10) or here (3.5.13), or hit the "Check for updates" option in Firefox's Help menu.

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