Firefox Replaced by Chrome in Google Pack

Paul Lilly

It's never easy telling that special someone who has been by your side for so long that you feel as though you're growing apart, and it gets even harder to break the news if you've already found someone new. Unless you're Google, in which case you dump Firefox as the default browser in your Google Pack and replace it with Chrome, but make sure to let Firefox know you can still be friends.

Google's new browser matured out of the beta phase last week after just three months on the scene, and apparently Google feels it's now ready for prime time. The Google Pack, which consists of a collection of google-made and third party applications, listed Firefox as the default browser up until Chrome dropped its beta moniker. Firefox still remains on the list, but is no longer selected by default as part of the download.

It's not surprising that Google would choose to include its own browser ahead of Firefox, but it could hint of things to come. Last year, 88 percent of Mozilla's revenues came courtesy of Google, who paid $60 million to be listed as the default search engine in the open-source browser. That relationship will last at least until 2011, as the two signed a three year extension back in August.

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