Firefox One Step Closer to Built-in PDF Reader

Maximum PC Staff

Soon after Mozilla was done with the release of Firefox 4, it launched an effort to develop an in-browser PDF viewer built entirely in HTML5 and JavaScript . While the ultimate  aim of the project was, and still is, to make PDF.js an integral part of  Firefox, the team working on the project has released the reader as a restart-free extension.

PDF.js has a fairly simple user interface. All its features, save for one, can be accessed from the bar at the top. These include the ability to move between pages, zoom in/out, print, download, and open local PDFs.  Page thumbnails, however, are not visible until you move the cursor over to the extreme left of the screen.

Being a “community-driven and -governed open-source project,” it is open to contributions from absolutely anyone. If you think you are that anyone, you can download the source code from GitHub.

Image Credit: Geek

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