Firefox Increases Stability with Multiprocessor Browsing

Maximum PC Staff

Mozilla just launched a new project, named Electrolysis, which is meant to bring multiprocess browsing to Firefox. And, according to Mozilla, this project has allowed them to improve Firefox’s performance, security and stability. Developers of the project have already put together a prototype that’s able to render a page in a separate process from the interface shell that it’s displayed in.

Apparently the idea of implementing multiprocessing into the browser didn’t gain much traction until its use by Google and Microsoft in Chrome and IE8. Chrome’s multiprocess architecture allows it to fill in security holes, and it prevents page specific glitches from crashing the entire browser – something that Mozilla hopes to do as well.

There’s no word yet if the multiprocess browsing will be ready in time for the next release of Firefox, but the work will be done separately so as not to impede the current stages of development.

Image Credit: Ars Technica

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