Firefox Beta 3 Will Be Available on March 10

Paul Lilly

First things first - if you haven't already, read through our comprehensive mega-roundup of nine browsers , which includes both stable and beta releases, and even a browser still in the alpha stage. Up to speed? Good, let's move on.

As noted, we didn't see too much terribly different with Firefox 3.1 beta 2 over the currently shipping version, 3.0.6. A third beta was originally scheduled for an early January release, but lingering bugs prompted Mozilla to hold off on taking Firefox 3.1 beta 3 live. Left to bake a little while longer, Mozilla now appears ready to serve up the third beta, which it plans to do on March 10th at 2PM PST, according to the company's updated release schdule.

"We’re going to wrap up beta 3 in the next week regardless of upvar [Javascript] status: a 4th beta will follow approximately 6 weeks after, as a vehicle for more testing of tracemonkey, video, places and other eagerly-awaited improvements as well as feedback from beta 3," Mozilla's VP of engineering Mike Shaver wrote in a blog post .

In other words, beta 3 might not be as fully cooked as Mozilla hoped, but at least some developers were feeling frustrated with the development process taking too long. Combined with 3.1's expanded scope, the question has been raised whether it might make more sense to rename the final version 3.5 instead of 3.1, just as Firefox 1.1 was renamed to 1.5.

Stay tuned, as we'll continue to follow the development of Mozilla's browser, no matter what version number the company settles on.

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