Firefox Addon of the Week: Send To Phone


Alright, Android phone owners. This one's for you, so if you have no idea what I'm talking about and/or don't actually own an Android-based phone, you can steer clear this week. Otherwise... get ready to be rocked.

A clever little Firefox add-on called Send to Phone is an amazing resource for those of you that use Android-based phones. Here's why: One of the more frustrating things one does as a phone owner is getting information--like a Web URL, a friend's email address, or a note to thyself--from your PC to your mobile device. Short of emailing it to yourself (or, worse, texting it to yourself), you really don't have a great way to convey information that you've found on the Interwebs to your phone.

Send to Phone fixes that issue in two ways. First, it "synchronizes" your phone with your Google account--really, it sets up a push feed using your Google account (technically, Google's Android Cloud to Device Messaging Framework) as the intermediary between your PC and your phone. Then, you simply surf the Web and click the handy icon next to Firefox's address bar whenever you want to push the URL to your phone with a quaint little message.

As well, you can right click on links and images and select the "send this link to Android" option in the context menu to do, well, just that. And, finally, you can highlight any text on a page and perform the same right-click function to toss it off to your phone as well. That's a heck of a lot faster than sending yourself an email... and a lot more fun.

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