Firefox Addon of the Week: Gspace


Do you want space or do you want security? That's the fundamental question posed by this weeks' spotlight Firefox addon, Gspace. If you think about it for a moment, you can probably get a pretty good inkling of what this addon actually does. If not, here are a few clues. It's USB week here at Maximum PC. But not all of us have access to a USB stick (or a Dropbox account) at all times. And it's not like you can just hunker down and email yourself a 100MB file at once--even Gmail itself has a pesky 25MB attachment limit for anything you send.

The point I'm trying to get at is that sometimes you just need a little extra oomph in the online file storage department. And that's exactly where Gspace comes into play. This simple addon opens up a gateway to file storage via your Gmail account, all handled through an FTP-like display directly in your Firefox browser. No longer will you use your Gmail merely for sending and receiving emails. No, it's now its own file server--free for you to grab and take files anywhere you have access to Firefox and the Gspace addon. Of course, you can also access the gmail address you assign to Gspace through a standard Web client and download (as attachments) any files you've uploaded under 19MB in size--anything larger gets split into Gspace-only archives.

Neat, huh? So why did I bring up security at the beginning of this mini-review? In order to access your Gmail account, Gspace requires that you flip off the "always use https" setting in Gmail. That's not going to automatically open up your accompanying Google account to hackers. However, it does lessen the size of the wall you've built between your protected information and harm. That said, you shouldn't really be using your primary Google account with Gspace anyway. If you upload too much in one day, the almighty Google will lock your account down--if you receive critical emails on a daily or semi-frequent basis, this would be an unfortunate outcome.

Other unique features of Gspace include a built-in media player for accessing audio files you've uploaded to your space, as well as a photo viewer for accomplishing that exact same task... but with images. If portable USB sticks aren't your thing and you don't feel like shelling out extra for online file hosting, Gspace is the ticket to no-fuss file hosting for free!

And before you ask, no, that Firefox persona isn't Gspace's default layout. That would be too awesome.

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