Firefox Addon of the Week: FoxTab


What's that, non-Windows-7 users?  You've never heard of the operating system's neat three-dimensional window organizer?  Let's try it out together.  Grab a copy of the operating system, do all that installation stuff, then hold down your Windows key and hit Tab when you're finally on your desktop.  Presto - provided Aero's on, all of your open windows will shift out into a neat little three-dimensional display that you can quickly scroll through using your mouse wheel.

Of course, someone's made a Firefox addon to mimic this creative functionality.  And while it might seem gimmicky at first glance, rest assured that you will be the coolest (and most organized) person on your block once you start showing off your brand-new way to keep tabs on your multiple browser... tabs.

Just like Windows, FoxTab uses a three-dimensional display that replaces your typical control+tab and control+shift+tab jumping between the various pages that are open in your current browsing session.  It's pretty fun to play around with, especially given that the program makes it very easy for you to set your ideal orientation (or 3D angle) and background color when scrolling.

Better yet, you can also pop up a quick 3D display of all the windows you've recently closed, as well as a huge, nuclear-reactor-like panel of windows for any "top" or "favorite" sites you want quick access to.  FoxTab comes with its own built-in search engine for finding one tab amongst many.

However, you won't need to use the search feature very much if you also check out the addon's sorting options: Clicking on the "grouping" icon will pull up a list of all pages organized by domain.  It's an ideal treatment for when you just want to browse through specific news pages from your favorite site, for example, without being distracted by all the other links you've opened up to other locations on the Web.

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