Firefox Addon of the Week: BitTorrent WebUI


Keeping with my uTorrent/BitTorrent theme this week, it only makes sense to show you how you can go about pulling .torrent files through the Firefox browser. But wait, you say! What am I talking about? Clicking on a .torrent link allows you to open it right up in your client of choice (I'll assume uTorrent for the sake of this post), and that, in turn, slots said file (or magnet link) into the application and begins the download.

Why would you need a fancy addon to do that?

Good point. In fact, you don't need an add-on in Firefox to load torrent files. Where an addon becomes handy is when you're using Firefox from a different computer and would like to somehow get a .torrent file you've found onto the download queue of a different machine. Think it's a strange setup? It's not that uncommon: perhaps you've left your PC on at home to make best use of its super-speedy landline connection, yet you're browsing around various BitTorrent sites at work, in a coffee shop, or in your car.

I guess you could email the .torrent file to yourself and queue it up later. That's lame, especially when a little addon called BitTorrent WebUI is ready to do all the work for you!

Here's how it works. Go into your uTorrent preferences menu and turn on the program's WebUI feature. You can change the default login and password if you want (I recommend it). Install the BitTorrent WebUI addon and restart Firefox. When your browser loads back up, it'll want you to put in your system's IP address as well as the port that uTorrent uses for its connections. Select uTorrent as the client, then hit OK.

Assuming that uTorrent is running on your main computer--and that's a critical factor--then you'll now be able to click on any .torrent link in your browser and load it into your main system's uTorrent client. Simple as that. You can now start BitTorrent downloads (or access the Web UI to do much, much more!) via any computer with the configured addon installed!

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