Firefox Add-on of the Week: Youtube to MP3


Alright, cheap geeks. It’s tough to want to put out even $0.99 for the latest single on iTunes (or wherever), and don’t even get me started about the annoyance that occurs when you find some slammin’ new track on Youtube, only to realize that you can’t rock out to it in your car because… it’s… on… Youtube.

Get my drift?

Youtube is like the poor man’s free music library – just go scan for any music video and voila! It’s an instant way to dial up your favorite songs that you can't otherwise purchase or acquire online (portable Old Spice Guy, anyone?) However, this isn’t really the kind of solution that you can take with you.

For starters, pulling up Youtube video after Youtube video on your phone in a vain attempt to rock out sans cash investment will make you look like the biggest cheapskate alive. It’ll also drain your battery. And, here’s the kicker, it won’t work anywhere that’s lacking in wireless coverage. Or, to put it another way, there’s no reason why you should be trying to transform Youtube into your song library.

Or is there?

This week’s featured Firefox add-on gives you a super-fast method for ripping any Youtube video into a straight-up MP3. And I wish I had more to write about this, but it’s really just that simple . Click on the newly created link that appears next to all Youtube videos—“Convert and Download as MP3”—and your browser will do just that. The end. Said video is now an audio file on your computer instead of some nebulous hunk of data bits streamed across a web page.

And now, armed with this information, you can craft up a music library of… videos… of your very own!

Download it here !

Maximum PC's David Murphy has a headache today, so no witty tagline will accompany this article. Thanks for understanding and/or keeping the music down.

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