Firefox Add-on of the Week: Wired-Marker


If you browse a lot of text on the Web--and who doesn't, given one's typical commuting habits and/or easy access to 3G USB dongles--then you probably find yourself scrolling over huge pages of copy without any real way to make notes on what it is that you're reading. This might not be the biggest deal for the casual surfer, but there's always a time when it would be nice to just have some way to mark an especially pertinent passage for use later.

You can save pages via bookmarks, but you can't really do much with the information contained within these pages unless you copy and paste it over to your word processing app of choice and go to town. A Firefox add-on looks to change this up a bit, and it delivers a very simple feature that's surprisingly omitted from, well, every browser there is.

The add-on's called Wired-Marker and, as you can guess from its name, it allows you to highlight any text you want on any Web page that you can pull up. You can pick different colors and styles but, more importantly, your highlighted text will remain as such even when revisit the page on multiple occasions. As well, you can now set up your bookmarks to point to a specific piece of text you wanted to call attention to--you'll automatically jump to that place on the page without even having to scroll back and forth to find your block of colored text.

To help you organize your highlighted notes, Wired-Marker lets you tag your various saved bits of text by varying degrees of importance. You can also append notes to the little text snapshots you've taken and even drag and drop them into different folders via a Firefox sidebar. It sure beats copying-and-pasting bits and pieces of text into a running Word file, or however else it is you organized interesting information prior to Wired-Marker. Post-its, maybe?

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