Firefox Add-on of the Week: Text to Voice


I'm an avid fan of (and former talking head on) Maximum PC's weekly podcast. But sometimes, that's just not enough audio tech news for my liking. I'm not a fan of other podcasts; that would be cheating. But I am a huge proponent of Firefox add-ons, and I've found one that satiates my need to hear my news instead of read it-surely you'll be able to find a better use for this interesting add-on, I would hope.

The extension in question is called Text to Voice and, as the name (so often) implies, it allows you to conjure up a Stephen Hawking kind of narrator to read whatever it is you find in your Firefox Web browser. Using this add-on couldn't be any easier, seriously. Install it, then select a chunk of text using your good ol' fashioned mouse cursor. Right-click on the text and hit the "speak it" option in your context menu. Voila.

But that's not all--in the pop-up window that appears (the one that's pulling a HAL 9000 in your browser), you can even download an MP3 of what you just heard. Now I'm not suggesting that you should go and turn the Maximum PC website (or better yet, one of my Murphy's Law columns) into the next book on tape, but it's still a nice little trick in case you want to save a particular pronunciation forevermore. That's Mur- phee . Murphy. Easy enough?

Maximum PC picks one new Firefox add-on as its favorite of the week each... week. Have a nifty extension that you can't live without? Twitter David Murphy @acererak with your latest suggestions.

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