Firefox Add-on of the Week: Tab Mix Plus and VertTabbar


If you haven’t figured it out already, folks, its Windows 7 week. This week, we’re featuring downloads and web apps that will enhance the novelty of having a brand new operating system (it’s really a great thing, isn’t it?). We wanted to include a sleek looking, crystallized browser skin for our Firefox add-on of the week to match Windows 7, but we figured you’re already satisfied with Personas , so why not something a little more utilitarian? In comes Tab Mix Plus , which enhances Firefox’s tab browsing capabilities and gives you more options when you’re working with tabs.

Tab Mix Plus restores your dilapidated tabs.

Tab Mix Plus incorporates the ability to duplicate tabs, enables single-window mode, and lets you easily restore a tab after it’s been accidentally closed by the user. You can even choose whether to initiate the add-on’s browser restore function or Firefox’s default system. From the preference menu, you can set how links open, when to allow Javascript pop-ups and Tab Mix Plus warning dialogues, how to merge tabs, and more. You can also specify the default page that loads when you open a new tab. Tab Mix Plus has an abundance of customizable options and when you’re all set up, you can export your settings and save them somewhere safe for another time, or another computer.

Tab Mix Plus gives you a plethora of options and customizable preferences.

Oh, and if you’re like us, you probably end up with a massive amount of tabs accumulating themselves at the top spot—sometimes, they get so deep, we forget what we sites we have open in the first place. VertTabbar is another add-on that maximizes your browser’s built-in features and aids you in actually recognizing the titles of the pages you’re perusing. It displays your tabs in a vertical column on either side of the browser and allows you to choose the width of the tab bar, the alignment of the title text of tabs and the position of the favicon (a quirky bonus feature we never thought possible).

By default, VertTabbar displays your tabs on the right-side of your browser window.

When paired with Tab Mix Plus, VertTabbar makes Firefox even more of an essential browser to work with on a Windows 7 machine. Never again lose track of your work, or you plans to dominate the Internet’s most popular message boards. Of course, these add-ons work perfectly well with Windows Vista and XP!

Download Tab Mix Plus

Download VertTabbar

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