Firefox Add-on of the Week: Surf Canyon


Surf Canyon with Bing.

When you need your search engine to be your utilitarian counterpart, Surf Canyon’s search engine assistant will make sure that you receive the most relevant information from your search queries. Whether you use Google, Bing, Yahoo, Lexis Web, or Craigslist, this add-on will offer a refined search in real time, turning up only relevant search results.

Surf Canyon with Google.

Simply enter your query at your search engine of choice. When you click a result, the add-on ranks the result based on your choices and buries what you don’t find useful. Surf Canyon also includes an optional “bull’s eye” icon to the right of each listing to enable retrieving recommendations immediately, without having to actually click through to give it a hint at what you're looking for; selecting the bullet next to news domain may add a “news block” with up-to-the minute results from your preferred sources, while selecting Amazon links may add relevant product listings. Additionally, you can modify Surf Canyon’s settings to specify web sites that you prefer and web sites you dislike, like eliminating MySpace music sites from showing up in your query. You can also specify the search engines that use the add-on and turn off recommendations when a search result is clicked.

Surf Canyon helps to make sure that no matter what search engine you choose to peruse the web, you’ll always get information relevant to your needs. Download it here .

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