Firefox Add-on of the Week: Siphon


In the wake of the quasi-departure of Xmarks (seriously; is it alive? Gone? Going somewhere? Dead? Fading out? What?), it’s nice to see that other enterprising developers have taken the idea of cross-computer Firefox synchronization and really ran with it. I’m speaking, of course, of a particular add-on called Siphon. It’s currently beta-testing, but it unlocks a whole pie full of usefulness for anyone who’s as add-on addicted as those of us over at Maximum PC.

Here’s the deal. Instead of synchronizing your bookmarks a la the helpful(ly departed) Xmarks, Siphon focus on your add-ons--and just your add-ons. So long as you have Siphon installed on any instance of Firefox you’re running across any system you have access to, the add-on will itself work to duplicate and synchronize the rest of your extensions across all of your Firefox browsers. Simply put, Siphon is an awesome tool for ensuring that every little third-party feature you’ve installed into the browser stays that way no matter where you’re running Firefox from.

The caveat? Siphon doesn’t copy preferences, just add-ons—it’s up to you to configure your add-ons as you see fit. Though I don’t see this as a flaw, per se, as sometimes it’s nice to have slightly different browser setups for work, home, the gym, wherever else you happen to browse, et cetera.

And just to add a little frosting to your Firefox cake, Siphon will also keep a centralized list of the add-ons that make up your “default Firefox” feel, as it were. In case you ever have to reinstall the browser, you’ll be able to quickly recall what you previously used and start installing away—talk about a super-fast way to get back to your standard, er, non-standard Firefox setup!

Download it here !

Maximum PC's David Murphy loves it when he can cripple his browser at work using the 1,000+ different configurations, bookmarks, and other tweaks that his "home" Firefox delivers.

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