Firefox Add-on of the Week: RetailMeNot


If you like to shop online, you really have no reason to not save additional money when purchasing, well, anything.  That's a pretty generic statement, so let me break things down for you: A number of online retailers (or brick-and-mortar stores with online presences) have tons of deals, coupons, and promotional codes floating around the Web at any given time.  These might be geared toward specific audiences; they might be sent out to locations you don't frequent or email addresses that aren't yours.

Well, the beauty of the Web is that it has allowed a number of people to join together in the shared pursuit of savings.  One such community, the website, just happens to be one of the best and most well-known of these kinds of meeting places.  How said site works is rather simple: People submit coupon or promotional codes they've heard about for all kinds of merchants, and the various visitors to the site vote on whether said code actually works or not.  Easy enough?

While you're more than free to surf on over to RetailMeNot to check any retail site that you happen to be browsing, that's a bit tedious if you're a power-shopper--or forgetful.  And that's where the RetailMeNot Firefox add-on comes into the picture.  This extremely simple add-on is a great, unobtrusive addition to your browser, because it only drops down a single notification bar whenever you happen to be surfing a site that has coupons or promotions in the RetailMeNot database.  And this database itself updates once per week from the RetailMeNot site itself, so you're guaranteed to have a pretty good handle on the latest deals for all your online shopping.

It's pretty hard to deny the coolness of a Firefox add-on that saves you money, right?  My only hesitation with this add-on is that the drop-down notification screen doesn't always work... but when it does, that's easy cash in the bank.

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