Firefox Add-on of the Week: Restartless Restart


There’s a certain irony, nay, humor in an add-on that’s called “Restartless Restart.” But this isn’t just some lame play on words worthy of inclusion in a typical David Murphy column. No, the developers of this Firefox add-on are completely serious in their task: Their extension requires no closing and reopening of your Firefox browser whatsoever to install, even though the entire point of the add-on is to give you a super-fast way to do just that.

Confused? Don’t be. I’m not kidding when I say that the only point to this add-on is to give you a faster way to restart your browser. Is it this the kind of a tweak that will move mountains? Change your computing experience forevermore? Do anything other than restart your browser? No to all three. However, what else would you expect from an add-on that’s a mere two kilobytes in size? It does its job as well as you would ever expect—it restarts your browser when you call for it.

Not only can you perform this backbreaking task via a little link in your File menu but, if you’re even more hardcore than that, you can hit the keyboard combination of control, alt, and “r” to send your browser off for a brief reincarnation. Voila. Enjoy.

Download it here !

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