Firefox Add-on of the Week: PDF Download


I hate PDFs.

Or, to be specific, I hate pulling up PDFs in my browser. No matter the reader or the complexity of the file, something invariably goes wrong whenever a PDF file crosses over the barrier between Internet and desktop. Unless you have a sharp eye for what you're clicking on (or a helpful icon to guide your path), you always run the risk of accidentally slapping a PDF into a new tab whenever you're surfing around in the ol' Firefox browser.

PDFs by themselves aren't evil. And sometimes you'll want to actually open a PDF via Firefox instead of taking the extra time to download it to your desktop and open up a reader. What Firefox lacks, in this regard, is control--ways to separate a unique PDF download from the typical bevy of files you grab on a daily basis.

The add-on PDF Download comes to the rescue on this one, as it automatically dishes out a number of PDF-specific options whenever you click on a link to said file in your browser. Instead of the usual "save file" or "cancel" dialogue box, you're presented with one that gives you a wider array of choices: download the PDF, open the PDF, view the PDF as html (converted by the add-on), or convert the PDF to an image for display in your browser.

That's not all, however. The add-on also adds a little button in the upper-right corner of your Firefox browser that you can use to save the page you're looking at as a PDF itself. As well, you can also automatically convert and email said page via a handy shortcut link.

This feature list won't move mountains in the Firefox world. However, these are still elements that you wouldn't be able to acquire in a normal Firefox installation. And I, for one, relish them--PDF files are unique enough to warrant special treatment beyond a standard file. It's glad to see an add-on that finally gives them the white-glove treatment they often deserve.

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