Firefox Add-on of the Week: Open IT Online


We hate to sound like a sales(wo)man, but this Firefox extension is so handy, it deserves its own infomercial-like introduction. Thus, have you ever had one of those instances where you really needed to open up a Word document, but didn’t want to fire up Microsoft Office and waste precious memory? Open IT Online makes it so you don't have to! This extension for Firefox (and, if you prefer, Internet Explorer) enables you to open and edit your document in the browser window, as opposed to downloading the file and opening it via an external application.

After you install the add-on, you will be able to right-click on any Office file link from within your web browser and select which document viewing service you’d like to use; choose from Google Docs, Zoho Viewer, Vuzit, or View Docs Online, which is the default. You can also choose a web service for viewing images and specify which file extensions Open IT Online will support.

Unfortunately, Open IT Online will not open documents attached to a web based email message, but if you’re a college student it will work with documents hosted by your University’s online teaching and learning systems, such as iLearn.

Download Open IT Online here.

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