Firefox Add-on of the Week: FoxSaver


Double the screensavers, double the fun. Right? That's the proposition offered by FoxSaver , a unique extension for the Mozilla Firefox Web browser that separates the application into its own, separate display platform from your desktop. That's a bit of a tongue-twister, so let me spell this out: FoxSaver, as suggested by the name, is an add-on that builds a separate screensaver into your browsing session.

You can use the add-on to pull images from a huge online gallery of pre-submitted pictures (akin to Flickr). If you're not into the random element, you can also set up FoxSaver to use images from a number of folders on your local hard drive or specific RSS feeds that you've already set up. The add-on will even display the contents of Web pages during the animated screensaver process--take that, data-driven RSS feeds.

You can set up FoxSaver to run on any specific time interval you want, which is useful if you'd like a way to access more information-intensive screens without making these a part of your general screensaver setup. For example, suppose that you only really use your Web browser to check stocks or finance news. Use these as the sites FoxSaver checks after a minute or so of inactivity, which might be the perfect length of time to allow you a quick glance at the up-to-the-minute news before your 60-minute Mystify screensaver kicks in and locks your PC down.

See where I'm getting at?  FoxSaver, admittedly, isn't the most elegant of screensaver treatments. However, if you're looking for a specific way to supplement your Web browsing activity (or, rather, inactivity) with images and information, FoxSaver is the middleman between you and a broader screensaver that might not directly fit your needs. And hey--FoxSaver works on dual-monitor setups and Linux!

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