Firefox Add-on of the Week: Fox Splitter


Tabs? You use tabs within Firefox? The heck with that. Tabs are old-school once you see the power and prowess of one of the latest add-ons to cross my browser radar, Fox Splitter. It would be difficult to conceal exactly what this extension does in some kind of overextended metaphor or unnecessary build-up, given its name, so I’ll get right to the point: Why use new browser windows—or tabs themselves—when you can just split your current screen… in two!

Like cells in your seventh-grade science class, Fox Splitter allows you to continue your journey through browsing mitosis by giving you unlimited opportunities to split your browser into as many pairs as you’d like. What does that entail? Chop your screen into two and you’ll have two near-completely functional browsing sessions side-by-side (or top-and-bottom) within the same window. I say that as I do, for your keyboard commands will always still affect the “first” browser window, or the parent upon which all your splitting was based.

Want more windows? Sure. Take your two independent browser columns and split one into halves—now you’re up to three. Rinse, wash, repeat. Each chunk of your window, as mentioned, functions as its own independent browser of-sorts. However, you can also synchronize the panels to all scroll at the same time, which is ideal if you’re trying to use this add-on to compare two sites at once!

As the cliché goes, the sky’s truly the limit—or, in this case, your available memory and ability to suffer smaller and smaller browser screens are the only things holding you back from having a virtual maze of sessions open at one time. That’s the simple power of Fox Splitter. Enjoy!

Download it here !

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