Firefox Add-on of the Week: Destroy the Web


Stop me if you’ve heard this one – or don’t, because even though the Firefox add-on Destroy the Web has made its rounds around the Internet, that doesn’t mean that everyone under the sun has heard about, or installed, this awesome extension.

So what does it do? The name gives this one away pretty clearly – Destroy the Web turns nearly any Web page on the ‘net into a semi-action-packed little blasting game that's connected to online leaderboards and everything. Yes, you can play against other people on the Internet in a game that you pretty much customize yourself, depending on what site you’ve chosen to destroy.

As for the game’s details, it’s pretty simple: The various tables, words, CSS elements, and images (is that everything?) scattered across any given Web page are transformed into targets for destruction in Destroy the Web. Just hover your mouse over an element and give ‘er a hearty click. If you’re accurate, you win points—mindlessly click around a page like a digital Rambo and you’ll lose 5 points for each “shot” that doesn’t nail a target.

If you clear the page of all of its parts, you get a bonus score for any time left over on the clock. As well, nuking the same element consecutive times across a page slaps some bonus combo action into your score. Simple, addictive, endless—with luck, maybe you’ll even be able to convince your boss that your frantic shooting action across the Internet is actually some new kind of bug testing.

Download it here !

Former Maximum PC Editor David Murphy wishes Destroy the Web came with a headshot option—or at least the booming voice of the Unreal Tournament announcer. Sigh.

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