Firefox Add-on of the Week: BarTab


Oh, BarTab.  I wish I had heard of you before I switched over to Google Chrome.  As a frequent browser-but-not-bookmarker, I'd often load up my Mozilla Firefox browser with upwards of sixty tabs per new session.  Yes, sixty.  I'd use tabs instead of bookmarks to keep track of, "stuff you should check out later," only I wouldn't actually get around to clearing through this backlog of open links until days later.  I'm a procrastinator for new content, what can I say.

You can just imagine the performance impacts this habit had on my typical browsing session.  It didn't bother me that much, performance-wise, on my tricked-out desktop PC.  You can bet that my poor laptop wanted to fall over and die at the thought of having to pull up a huge list of pages each time I clicked on the little Firefox icon in the corner of my screen.  And regardless of whether my computer could handle the many, many tabs or not, there was still the issue of Firefox having to actually load the content of these pages before I could go about more browsing.  Little is more frustrating than having to wait five minutes just to check out a link that a friend sent along because Firefox has to take care of 60 other pages first.


So how, then, does BarTab fix this issue?  Why is it a must-have add-on for your Web browsing?  It's an easy solution to a common problem.  BarTab loads up your saved tabs in your new browsing sessions just like Firefox normally does.  The critical difference is that these tabs exist as ghost reminders of what you were previously looking at.  The page itself doesn't actually load in the background, but the reminder tab is still there.  It's the best of both worlds: You get the ability to surf through your tabs as you see fit, and BarTab will only load up the corresponding pages when you click on said tabs.

So go ahead.  Push your typical saved browsing session to 100 tabs or more.  With BarTab, your browser is cut off from degrading your overall system or browsing performance!

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