Firefox 8 To Stop Unauthorized Add-ons In Their Tracks

Brad Chacos

If's there's one thing we hate, it's Brussels sprouts. If there's two things we hate, it's Brussels sprouts and sneaky programs that automatically install add-ons into our Internet browsers. Turns out we're not the only ones. Those pesky unapproved add-ons have been a thorn in the side of Mozilla, who shoulders the blame when the invaders cause crashes and browser lagging. When Firefox 8 rolls around, unauthorized add-ons will be a thing of the past: the browser won't allow installations without the express permission of users.

"If Firefox starts and finds that another program has installed an add-on, Firefox will disable the add-on until the user has explicitly opted in to the addition," Mozilla add-on manager Justin Scott wrote on the organization's Add-ons blog . "Users that want the functionality provided by a third-party-installed add-on can easily allow the installation, while users who don’t can cancel or ignore the prompt."

Spiffy, huh? The usefulness doesn't stop there: the first time you boot up Firefox 8, the browser will prompt you with a list of all of your add-ons, and helpfully inform you which of them were installed without your permission. The ones you've installed in-browser will be enabled automatically, while the rogue add-ons will be disabled unless you specifically tell Firefox to enable them.

Expect Firefox 8 to hit the webs on November 8, keeping in line with Mozilla's new rapid-release schedule for the browser .

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