Firefox 8 Available For Download

Brad Chacos

Ancient people used the sun to calculate the passing of time. That isn’t necessarily the most accurate time-keeping method around now – especially with the whole daylight savings time thing – but fortunately, us modern types have something just as reliable to keep track of the days: Firefox’s new rapid-release schedule. Six weeks after Firefox 7 launched, Firefox 8 is now available for download – but you’ll need to scrounge around a bit for it.

That’s because the official download page on the Firefox website still points to a version 7 download. Expect that to be changed tomorrow (November 8), the official six-week anniversary date of the release of Firefox 7. For now, early adopters can download Firefox 8 from Firefox’s FTP release page , although the 64-bit Windows version has yet to be uploaded. So what can you expect from the new iteration? Well, perhaps most importantly it will put a halt to third-party programs installing Firefox add-ons without explicit user authorization, as we’ve already covered. Additionally, Twitter has been added to the search bar options. There’s also the standard bug fixes and minor improvements.

If you’re in the United States, you’ll want to nab the “en-US” version for your chosen operating system, by the way. Or just wait for tomorrow, when -- as we said -- the official download page will likely be changed over to Firefox 8.

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