Firefox 6 "On Track" to Launch on Tuesday

Paul Lilly

While you're busy grilling cow parts and getting ahead on back-to-school shopping this weekend, Mozilla will spend the next few days spit shining Firefox 6, the next major browser release slated to ship on Tuesday. And though Mozilla is known for pushing back release dates, there doesn't seem to be any cause for concern that Firefox 6 isn't ready for prime time.

"On track with a few bugs still remaining. No concerns for Tuesday," Mozilla wrote in a note on its website.

Mozilla's rapid release schedule has kicked things into high gear, but if the notes are any indication, quality doesn't seem to be suffering as a result. Neither is add-on support. According to Mozilla, 94 percent of available add-ons still work with Firefox 6, and you can add another percentage point for top usage add-ons.

Looking ahead, Mozilla is planning to launch Firefox 7 barely a month later on September 27th, followed by Firefox 8 on November 11th. If all goes to plan, Mozilla will squeeze in one more browser release -- Firefox 9 -- before the end of the year.

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