Firefox 6 Hits Aurora Channel

Maximum PC Staff

In a bid to accelerate the Firefox development process, Mozilla introduced a new update channel called Aurora last month. Shorter release cycles mean that Mozilla has absolutely no time to bask in the glory of Firefox 4’s success. In fact, Mozilla has begun two-timing (for lack of a better metaphor) Firefox 5 and Firefox 6. The latter is now available in the Aurora update channel, the browser vendor announced Friday.

The latest Firefox Aurora packs a number of new features, including Scratchpad, Data Manager Window, Panorama Groups on Demand, Web Console and Web Developer Menu.

The new Data Manager Window lets the user specify the extent to which they want their browsing data, including cookies, passwords and location information, to be accessible to specific websites.

For developers, Mozilla has added the Scratchpad to let them quickly build and test Java snippets within the browser. Further, this Aurora build boasts increased support for “HTML5, DOM level 3, server-sent events, networking technologies and other tools that make it easier for developers build advanced Web apps.” More information about the new features is available here .

For those who yawn at the prospect of running a beta build but quail at the very sight of a nightly, the Aurora channel offers the best of both worlds, tempering adventure with a bit of stability.

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