Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 Candidate Now Available for Download (Sort Of)

Paul Lilly

Grown tired of staring at the same old browser(s) every day? If you want to shake things up and aren't put off by potentially buggy code, Mozilla has made available the first Firefox 4 Beta Candidate build.

By Mozilla's own admission, the Firefox 4 Beta isn't quite ready yet, but you can snag a copy all the same from Mozilla's directory of nightly builds. No release notes accompany the early beta build, and that's probably because there aren't a whole lot of changes from the latest Alpha release of Firefox 3.7.

Codenamed "Minefield," the Firefox Beta is reportedly a hair more stable than 3.7, but there are some caveats. Direct 2D hardware acceleration comes disabled by default, and Mozilla's developers are still tweaking JavaScript performance, which runs slower than most of the competition.

Still want to give it a spin? Download a copy here (scroll down) and be sure to backup your profile before making the leap, you know, just in case things go horribly wrong.

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