Firefox 4 Overtakes IE9's First-Day Download Tally within Hours of Launch

Pulkit Chandna

Just a week back, Microsoft was brimming with joy as it shared the first-day download stats of its latest web browser Internet Explorer 9 (IE9): 2.35 million downloads within 24 hours of its release on March 14, 2011. Even though pretty impressive, IE9's first day showing seemed to pale in comparison with some of the other major browser launches in the recent past. But if Microsoft still had any lingering delusions about its standing in the first-day-downloads war, they must have vanished earlier today as soon as Firefox blazed past IE9's launch day downloads within 7 hours of being launched. Hit the jump for more.

The open-source outfit's latest browser has been downloaded over 4 million times at the time of writing. The FF4 download stats can be tracked live through a special page on Mozilla's site .  A continent-wise breakdown of the downloads at this point reveals that the vast majority (nearly three-fourths) of downloads are coming from Europe and North America, with the former leading between the two. Downloads can even be “broken down all the way down to the city level.”

“When someone clicks the download button on or asks for an upgrade from inside Firefox, we approximate their location based on IP address and store anonymous aggregate location information in our database,” reads Mozilla's description of how the downloads are counted.

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