Firefox 3.5.7 Fixes Major Update Issue


If you haven't noticed by now, Mozilla has begun pushing out the latest update to its open-source Firefox browser, version 3.5.7. There aren't a ton of changes in the incremental update, but one of the fixes could help boost Firefox 3.5 numbers . Apparently there was a problem in which Firefox users weren't being properly notified when a major upgrade is available.

"What's happening is that users who do not leave their browser open for 12 hours...will never see the major update dialog, only a little notification slider," said Mike Beltzner , Mozilla's director of Firefox, in a December comment. "We need to fix this immediately on all branches. Added bonus: we're about to goose our Firefox 3.5 numbers!"

In addition to the update bug, the latest release fixes a "common stability issue" that was causing Firefox to crash.

Release Notes

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