Firefox 3.5 Becomes World's Most Popular Browser (Version)

Pulkit Chandna

Mozilla released Firefox 3.5 back in June, leaving it with ample time to finish the year on a high that has no precedent in Mozilla's history. It has become the single most popular browser (version) in the world , according to StatCounter. It completed its conquest of the globe last week when it edged past IE 7.

Its share of the browser market stood at 21.93 percent, a shade ahead of IE 7's 21.2 percent. But the various versions of Internet Explorer are still a force to reckon with and together command more than half of the global browser market, with Mozilla's Firefox coming in second with around 32 percent.

IE8 has managed to stave off Firefox 3.5 in North America. The former leads in the region with around 25 percent market share. Most of Firefox's growth seems to be coming from Europe and Asia.

Image Credit: StatCounter

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