Firefox 3 RC3 Now Available, But You Might Not Need It


Firefox 3 Release Candidate 3 is now available from the Release Candidate page at Do you need it?

Windows and Linux Users Running RC2 Might Not Need It...

According to ZDNet's Linux and Open Source blog , "RC3" for Windows and Linux is actually the same as the RC2 version - an actual RC3 update was needed to fix a few problems with the MacOS version.

...Or Might They?

A commenter at the ZDNet Hardware 2.0 blog says otherwise, saying that the Windows version of RC3 fixed a problem that RC2 had when trying to view the MSN page with Windows Vista.

What should you do?

My take for Windows and Linux users: if RC2 is still giving you problems, or if you just want to see if RC3's really different, go ahead and download it. If you're happy with RC2, it won't be long until the final production version of Firefox 3 is ready to roll. MacOS users should grab Firefox 3 RC3 without a second thought.

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