Firefox 10 Touches Down on Stable Release Channel

Paul Lilly

Mozilla's popular Firefox browser officially turns 10 today, as in version 10, not years in existence (if we're to use the launch of Firefox 1.0 as the browser's birth date, Firefox will turn 10 years old on November 9, 2014). New to version 10 is the absence of the Forward browsing button, which is now hidden until you navigate back. It also includes anti-aliasing for WebGL, and a few other tricks.

From a user standpoint, there aren't any big 'gee-whiz' changes introduced in Firefox 10, partially the result of the browser's rapid release schedule that sees Mozilla churning out new builds at a feverish clip. There are, however, some underneath the hood enhancements that deal with standards support, HTML5 coding, and upgrades that are of interest to developers.

You can download the latest build here . Release notes are here .

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