Financial Crisis Causes Traffic Jam on Web

Paul Lilly

We would expect to see an increase in ammo, canned food, and other survival sales during the current economic downfall, but local Army Surplus stores aren't the only ones seeing increased traffic as of late. As the stock market continues to slide, people have begun spending more time on the web following the latest news on Wall Street and looking for financial advice.

According to internet tracker comScore , visits to , which helps consumers find the lowest fuel prices in their area, are up almost 30 percent. The tracker also expects statistics will show increased traffic to finance and bargain-hunter sites when tallied later this week.

"Investment pages are just red hot right now with people wanting to know what is going on with stocks," Yahoo Finance general manager Mark Interrrante told AFP. "We have been impressed by the traffic. People are not just diving down into stocks but asking what is going on, how it affects them and where it is all going."

Yahoo Finance message boards has seen its traffic jump by 40 percent, and Google searches for the term "stocks" has almost tripled in September. reports "a significant amount of traffic," and self-help startup says it has seen interest in personal finance tips jump eightfold in the past month.

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Image Credit: Flickr killthebird

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