FinalWire Picks Up Where Lavalys Left Off, Launches AIDA64 v1.20


Unless you follow the benchmarking scene with a close eye, you probably never heard of FinalWire. And even then you might have missed them. But you probably have heard of Lavalys, makers of the popular Everest utility, which hasn't been updated in several months and might never be. Why? We're not sure exactly what happened, but here's what FinalWire had to say last month when it unveiled its AIDA64 benchmarking software.

"After the splitting up of Lavalys, we at FinalWire are happy to continue our efforts of delivering a dependable monitoring software to our faithful users" said Tamas Miklos , managing director of FinalWire. "Since the introduction of our first diagnostic utility ASMDEMO in 1995, we have built a passionate community of hobby users, hardware enthusiasts, and professional overclockers. Using the valuable feedback we have collected from them in the past few years, we have created a software for the new decade of 64-bit multi-core systems."

Basically, AIDA64 is the continuation of Everest, and there's a new version available , version 1.20. This latest release adds preliminary support for Intel Sandy Bridge chips, GPU details for AMD Radeon HD 6800 series and GeForce GTX 580 videocards, support for USB 3.0 controllers and devices, and Windows 7 style icons.

Like Everest before it, AIDA64 isn't a free utility, though you can give it a test run for 30 days by downloading either the Extreme Edition or Business Edition right here .

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