FinalWire Flips New Version of AIDA64 with Enhanced Benchmarks

Paul Lilly

Never heard of AIDA64, you say? AIDA64 is a computer diagnostics and networking auditing software with built-in benchmarks, and is the successor to Everest, the now defunct software of the same type developed by Lavalys. FinalWire acquired Lavalys in late 2010 and has been keeping the project alive, albeit with a new name and 64-bit coding. Now that you're savvy on the back story, let's take a look at what AIDA64's summer update brings to the table.

One of the biggest changes introduced in the v1.80 update of AIDA64 is a brand new hardware monitoring module called SensorPanel. The customizable SensorPanel lets you monitor temps, fan speeds, voltages, currents, clockspeeds, and other system details on a graphical panel on the Windows desktop.

The v1.80 update also brings support for AMD's upcoming Bulldozer and Llano processors, FMA4 and XOP optimized 64-bit benchmarks and system stability test, optimized benchmarks for VIA quad-core processors, GPU details for AMD Radeon HD 6970M and Nvidia GeForce GTX 560M graphics cards, and RivaTuner OSD Server support.

AIDA64 Extreme runs $40 while the Business Edition starts at $80 (5 nodes). Free trials are available here .

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