Finally Some Good News for DRAM Makers

Paul Lilly

Memory chip makers haven't had much reason to celebrate in a long, long time , and while it's way premature to go popping the champagne bottles, there's at least a glimmer of hope. According to inSpectrum , the DRAM spot market witnessed all mainstream DDR3 chip prices jump by 10 percent, pushing the price of 2Gb (gigabit, not gigabyte) to $2.03.

inSpectrum says the much needed price hike in the spot market was the combined result of low inventory levels and improving market sentiment. After the Chinese New Year holidays, inSpectrum expects pricing to stay strong, and most leading DRAM makers seem intent on avoiding any more price drops.

There's more good news. Market research firm iSuppli says "DRAM shipments for tablets are expected to explode by a factor of more than nine this year." If iSuppli's crystal ball is working correctly, DRAM shipments this year for tablet devices will climb to 353.3 gigabits, up a whopping 834.7 percent from just 37.8 million in 2010.

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