Final IE9 Preview is Out, Beta Coming Next Month

Ryan Whitwam

Microsoft has been slowly shepherding Internet Explorer 9 toward a final release for a few months now. Today, the software giant is making the final preview build available for download. Come next month, the first beta should be out as well. This final preview build is intended for web designers and app developers to test with. IE9 is expected to pack a new JavaScript engine and full HTML5 support, which may affect how pages render.

Initial tests of the JavaScript engine have show it besting Safari in the SunSpider benchmarks. The more full featured Acid3 test is giving the most recent build high marks; 95 out of 100. This new version has increased support for hardware graphics acceleration as well. The UI is currently not final, but we may see some changes when the beat ships. Have you been trying the preview builds? Let us know how they've been working for you.

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