Final Fantasy XIV Billing Finally Resuming at Beginning of 2012

Maximum PC Staff

When Final Fantasy XIV first launched, it was a bit of a mess. Actually, scratch that. It was a complete and utter disaster -- the kind of half-baked idea spillage so radioactively heinous that we were surprised it didn't trigger a Godzilla attack. Square Enix, however, owned up to its mistakes and gave players a fairly lengthy subscription-fee-free grace period while it hammered the game's salvaged scraps back into shape. Now, though, time's almost up. In anticipation of FFXIV 2.0, Square's bringing back fees on January 6, at a reduced base rate of $9.99 per month. Which is still sort of terrible timing, given the launch date of a certain subscription-based sci-fi to-do with giant glowsticks or some such. Regardless, you've got exactly one month to make up your mind. So, are you willing to forgive and fork over some cash, or are you packing your bags?

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