"Fiji" Update for Windows Media Center RTMs, Exact Features Still a Mystery


For Windows Vista users who use Windows Media Center, there's good news and bad news:

The good news? The long-awaited "Fiji" update to WMC, officially known as the Windows Media Center TV Pack, was released to manufacturing last week. The bad news? Pick a pair: a) TV Pack is currently available only to OEMs. b) Nobody who knows exactly what TV Pack includes is telling, and the rest of us don't know.

Best Guesses About "Fiji"

A recent story at EndgadgetHD suggests that TV Pack adds the following new features:

  • 16x9 thumbnails for HD video
  • HD recording preferences
  • favorite channels
  • support for more TV tuners
  • native QAM (aka "clear QAM") channel support (QAM is unencrypted digital cable TV signal)
  • support for various non-US TV tuners
  • Reassignment of broadcast channel numbers (useful for mapping four-digit ATSC digital broadcast channels to their familiar one or two-digit equivalents)
  • replacement of the MS-DVR TV recording format with a new format called WTV

Much of this speculation is based on leaked screenshots of a German version of the RC0 pre-release edition.

The Mystery Ends(?) September 3

According to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, non-OEM customers might get their hands on "Fiji" until the CEDIA Expo conference in early September. Last year, Microsoft rolled out extenders for Windows Vista Media Center during CEDIA.

Answers Wanted

If you know anything about Vista's new TV Pack, we'd love to hear from you.

Illustration courtesy of EndgadgetHD .

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