Fermi the Focus of Nvidia Game Festival in China


Our calendar reads April 12, 2010, and if you've been following the Fermi saga, then you know that today is the day Nvidia's next-gen GPU architecture is expected to show up in retail. As of this moment, we've only found the GTX 480 videocard in stock at some online retailer nestled in the Netherlands, but the day is young.

While the world waits for Fermi to land on store shelves, Nvidia has been busy promoting the launch of their GF100 parts during the Nvidia Game Festival (NGF) in Shanghai, China. The chip maker invited a bunch of first-tier graphics partners, PC vendors, and game developers, all of which were able to participate in various game tournaments and other GPU-related fanfare.

Drew Henry, Nvidia's general manager of MCP business, was on hand at the Festival and addressed the recent market rumors that GTX 480 and GTX 470 GPU yields are just 20 percent. According to Henry, that number's not accurate and the yields have met company expectations, whatever those might have been.

Image Credit: DigiTimes

Anyone planning on picking up a Fermi card today if/when they become available?

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