Fermi Previewed and Benchmarked (in Far Cry 2)

Paul Lilly

Now that Nvidia has lifted the NDA on some of the official details surrounding its upcoming Fermi-based GF100 GPU, the Web is chock full of updated info , teaser videos, and even a Far Cry 2 benchmark.

To sum it up, GF100 has 512 CUDA processors, 16 geometry units, 4 raster units, 64 texture units, and 48 ROP engines. Like ATI's latest cards, GF100 comes with full DirectX 11 support. But unique to Fermi is a pretty big 768KB L2 cache buffer shared between four Graphics Processing Clusters.

In one video, Fermi is shown running Far Cry 2 at 1920x1200 with 4XAA and Ultra High settings. Framerates never dropped below 65, compared to under 40 in another system equipped with what appears to be an ATI HD 5870 videocard.

Image Credit: Nvidia

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