Fermi Looms, Demand Still High for ATI 5000 Series

Paul Lilly

Tomorrow's supposed to be the big day for Fermi (or early April, according to reports suggesting initial availability will be pretty tight), but even though the long wait is almost over, there's still plenty of demand for ATI's HD 5000 series.

"Graphics cards manufacturers who are selling both Nvidia and ATI are confirming that 58x0 and 59x0 series of ATI cards are still selling great and of course the cheaper 5000 series such as 57x0 and slower didn't slow up in sales," Fudzilla reports .

ATI's cards must be selling well, or at least well enough to have a tough time producing enough stock to fill the demand. Trying to snag a dual-GPU HD 5970 is no easy task, even as expensive as it is. And while HD 5870 cards are easier to come by, Newegg and other vendors often show several SKUs as being out of stock.

That's great for ATI, but it also allows the GPU maker to avoid have to slash prices. Could Fermi change that? We'll find out soon enough.

Image Credit: XFX

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