Fermi Cards to Turn Up the Heat


Assuming no more delays or last minute niggles, Nvidia's Fermi chips will be available in low quantities in just a couple of months. They're also going to run hotter than Nvidia's current gen GPUs, including the GTX 285, says news and rumor site Fudzilla.

"Fermi is a big chip, so this doesn't come as much a surprise. As long as it runs stable, people won't complain about it too much. We've seen the card in person at least twice so far and we can tell that the first one we saw has a dual-slot air cooler and runs quite hot," Fudzilla noted .

Keep in mind that any early looks might not be indicative of the final product, as Nvidia continues to tweak the design. And rumors have already begun swirling around a dual-GPU variant, although nobody knows when it might ship.

Image Credit: Nvidia

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