Female Engineers Working for Fujitsu Design 'Floral Kiss" Computer for Women

Paul Lilly

Christina Aguilera had it all wrong, because apparently what a girl really wants are PCs designed specifically for their gender. And what a girl needs are pre-loaded scrapbooking, diary, and horoscope apps. We're not kidding, and neither is Fujitsu , which unveiled a new line of "Floral Kiss" computers designed by a team of female engineers "aiming to bring elegance to PCs."

Fujitsu is planning a whole family of products under its Floral Kiss designation, which it's kicking off with a line of Ultrabooks available in "Elegant White," "Feminine Pink," and "Luxury Brown."

"In recent years, with women accounting for nearly half of PC purchases, the Floral Kiss project was born from the desire of Fujitsu's female employees to create a PC that women would find appealing," Fujitsu explains . "The new series, developed under the concept of bringing elegance to all aspects of PC design—from hardware to applications—was created with this aim in mind."

Floral Kiss Ultrabooks are distinguishable with top casings constructed with gradation and gold trim. They have a flip-latch that is purportedly easy to open even with long fingernails, a power button adorned with a pearl-like accent, and power status LED and Caps Lock key decorated with diamond-cut stones, among other design cues.

Aesthetics aside, Floral Kiss Ultrabooks are built on a foundation consisting of a 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 processor (Ivy Bridge), 500GB hard drive, and Windows 8. Specialized apps deemed mostly of interest to women come pre-loaded on each laptop.

The new Ultrabooks will go on sale on November 2, 2012. No word yet on price.

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